Zayn Malik talks girlfriend Gigi Hadid and leaving One Direction

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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have made sure to keep their blossoming romance private, rarely discussing each other in interviews.

But Zayn opened up about his supermodel girlfriend in a recent interview with Elle. "She's super intelligent, I think that's why it works so well," he said.



The couple have been dating since November of last year

"And we do the same type of job so we get that with each other."

The star, who left hugely popular boy band One Direction last year, also spoke about his decision to part ways. "At that time in my life I felt I had done everything I could do there and I just needed to change it up. It didn't feel brave," he said.


The singer opened up in a rare interview

Elle UK/ Nabil Elderkin

"I just don't have it in me to feel fully secure in anything I do. I always strive towards something better. It's why I think sometimes I come across the wrong way, a bit distant. I'm just stressed out trying to control how I'm perceived, I think about things a lot."

Speaking about his new solo career, Zayn continued: "My entire life has changed in the last year. I'm still taking it all in. I've found out so much about myself – mostly how in love with music I still was.


Elle UK/ Nabil Elderkin


"The album is a build up of six years and never being able to express what I wanted to say. I had something to get off my chest."

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