'I'm really strict': Kate Moss on her daughter Lila

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Kate Moss prefers to keep her daughter Lila out of the spotlight and chooses not to discuss her in interviews.

But the supermodel has opened up about her her parenting method, revealing that she's 'stricter than most parents' with her 13-year-old daughter.

"I'm really strict, but I think they quite like it," she told The EDIT. "[Lila] says that I'm stricter than other parents."

Asked whether she has to nag her daughter about homework, Kate said: "No, I don't, because she knows, she does it on her own."

And if she doesn't, Kate has a trick. "I'll go up like this," she told the magazine, lifting her sunglasses and putting on a stern face, "and I don't have to say anything.

"You've got to get a look down. Girls, you have to scare them, otherwise they will take over."

She also revealed that Lila, who we are extremely jealous of right now, is set to inherit Kate's extensive – and no doubt pricey – wardrobe.

"I've lost a lot [of clothes] over the years, but I've still got some. I'll save it for my daughter. I bought her an Ossie Clark dress, you know the one that Twiggy wore in that Richard Avedon shoot, that white chiffon with leave on? She doesn't like anything at the moment. Fingers crossed [she will]."

Kate is set to hit the silver screen, thanks to her cameo on the new Absolutely Fabulous movie.

Speaking about the role, she said: "It was just amazing to be in a room with [the characters] Eddie and Patsy and Saffy and Bubbles; it was like a dream.

"It was 10.30 in the morning and Eddie was opening bottles of champagne for me, real bottles. They were like, 'We usually use ginger ale, but for you we got real Bolly!"

Kate was promoting her new collaboration with clothing label Equipment.

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