How to get rid of dark circles and eye bags

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Ageing around the eyes is one of the most common problems that women face with their skin as they get older.

And while dark circles, bags, line and crow's feet can be heredity, they have a lot to do with your lifestyle...

Lack of sleep, stress factors and consuming too much salt can contribute to ageing around the eyes, as can not drinking enough water.

The under-eye area is a big concern for women as they get older

Eye cream is almost a big must, but there are conflicting views as to how to apply it. So we spoke to renowned cosmetic doctor Dr Jules Nabet to get the lowdown.

"Remember that less is more, you only need a touch, and pat very softly on to the under eye area," he tells us.

"Use your ring fingers and work around the eye sockets. This will improve lymphatic drainage and take down any puffiness in the area."

Dr Nabet recommends his Eyes Contour, £65, which has been dubbed 'an eyelift in a bottle' in the industry.

Dr Jules Nabet

It works to eliminate crow's feet and tighten slack under-eye skin, all while improving wrinkles and under eye bags. It also helps to strengthen the firmness of the capillary, soothing any irritations and relieving congestion.

You might be looking for a more drastic solution. And while under eye surgery is extremely invasive and expensive, Dr Nabet sometimes suggests injecting the facial muscles with Botox – "four pricks high on the forehead and around the eyes around 1cm away helps to open up the eyes so they look more youthful".

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