Beauty addicts are obsessing over this amazing storage solution

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If you're a true beauty lover, you'll know how strong the allure of the make-up counter can be. But where do you keep that new lipstick or nail polish (along with the multitude of others you own?)

The Original Scrapbox, a craft storage centre has the answer. Although their desks and shelving units are originally designed to store craft supplies, some shoppers have found an alternative use and created the make-up storage solution that many of us could only dream of.



A craft desk can double up as a genius make-up storage solution

One savvy customer used the EZ View Desk as a way to keep her huge beauty haul neatly organised, filling the drawers with eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipliners and more all neatly arranged by colour and brand.

They didn't stop there; the customer added a Hollywood style illuminated mirror onto the desk's glass top surface, placing oversized lipstick decorations either side.

Pictures of the genius design were shared on Instagram, along with the caption: "Every beautician's day dream!"


This desk is every beauty hoarder's dream

Fans were amazed by the innovative solution, with many commenting that they'd love to get one for themselves.

At £599, the desk is an investment to say the least, but never losing a lipstick again? Priceless…

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