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The month of January is traditionally the time of busting your butt in the gym, but for 2016, there’s a new kind of workout on the block, and best of all, your behind stays seated for the duration of it.

Whilst HIIT (high intensity interval training) provides a serious calorie burn for the body, resistance training tones and sculpts your physique and it’s this that FaceGym, the skincare studio based in Selfridges, London, has based its special face workouts on. Now introducing FaceCamp, this puts your mug through a rigorous facial bootcamp, tailored to your skin concern, for a serious skin shake-up.

To get your personalised FaceGym programme, register online, and choose your concern from the five types – ‘Phone Face’, ‘Winter Face’, ‘Sugar Face’, ‘Fat Face’ and ‘Frow Face’.And no, you can’t tick all of them!

Also collaborating with The Juicery and Welleco (Elle Macpherson’s superfood powder), you’ll receive a 7-day package bespoke to your skin woe, complete with juices, treatments and diet guidelines. There’s even a ‘bootcamp’ that includes laser treatments to zap blemishes and de-puff. Supermodel skin, we’re coming for you!

From £240.

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