World Smile Day: Top tips on how to look after your teeth

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As we celebrate World Smile Day, HELLO! Fashion brings you top tips from one of the UK's leading cosmetic dentists Bobby Bandlish on how to look after your teeth for a brighter, whiter smile...


1. Make regular visits to a hygienist – they will polish the teeth to make them sparkle, as well as leaving you with fresh breath.

2. To guarantee a long-lasting set of pearly whites, go to a dentist to carry out a tooth whitening procedure.

3. Try to cut down on your tea and coffee intake. If you smoke, try to quit – they are all things that stain your teeth.

4. Try and reduce the amount of sugary foods you eat. If you do feel like treating yourself, have something sweet straight after a meal, thereby reducing the number of times during the day you eat sugary foods. This will then reduce the number of fillings you need.

Fizzy drinks and sports drinks usually contain a lot of sugar and are very acidic so they can wear away the teeth - these are best avoided. The only two safe drinks are milk and water!

5. Brush your teeth twice a day – invest in a timer and make sure it's for at least two minutes. The average time people spend brushing their teeth is around 30 seconds – not long enough! Also, use a fluoride tooth paste.

6. Visit your dentist for regular checkups and x-rays as if there are any issues that are discovered early then there is usually a simple fix.

Bobby Bandlish is a dental surgeon with a clinic on Harley Street. For further information, visit

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