The Queen has worn this piece of jewellery every day for seven decades

It's so beautiful…

by Fiona Ward /

The Queen's incredible jewellery collection is certainly a subject of curiosity for many royal-watchers - the British monarch owns a jaw-dropping selection of emeralds, rubies and diamonds, not to mention her stunning choice of tiaras - and crowns, of course - for official occasions. But, arguably her most special piece of jewellery is the one that she's worn every day for 70 years - her engagement ring! The Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary in November 2017, meaning it is surely her most-worn item. 


The Queen's beautiful engagement ring

With a beautiful 3-carat solitaire diamond, flanked on each side by four smaller diamonds, the Queen's engagement ring is a timelessly elegant piece - with a very sweet tale behind it. The story goes that Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra of Russia gave a large aquamarine and diamond tiara to their niece Princess Alice of Battenberg when she married Prince Andrew of Greece - years later, she gave it to her only son, Philip, to create a ring for his soon-to-be fiancé - the then-Princess Elizabeth. 

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Prince Philip was apparently very involved with the design process, also having other diamonds from the tiara formed into the Queen's wedding gift bracelet. When he proposed in 1947, the ring was a little too large, but it was resized in time for their official announcement. 


Prince Philip designed the ring himself

The Queen's diamond ring has taken pride of place on her finger, alongside her Welsh gold wedding ring, ever since the couple married later that year. It has even been reported in the past that her wedding jewels are used to send a message to her staff - apparently, when she starts twisting her rings on her finger, it means she's ready to retire from an event or meeting.


It's often seen in official portraits

While our monarch has a tried-and-tested jewellery rule of pearls and a brooch for public outings, the only piece that she wears day-in-day-out is of course her engagement ring and wedding band - though they are often covered with gloves for outdoor and formal occasions. Keep your eye out for the incredible diamond in official portraits and more low-key events - it's beautiful! 

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