The funniest reactions to Balenciaga's bizarre £935 'T-shirt Shirt'

A shirt on a shirt is fashion's latest brainwave

by Sophie Hamilton /

It's a T-shirt. And a shirt. And it costs £935. Let's take a minute to digest this. The internet is currently having a moment over this bizarre 'T-shirt Shirt' by high-end fashion brand Balenciaga and, quite frankly, it's understandable. The upmarket label is known for its kooky, fun designs but this new shirt has hit a worldwide style nerve, mainly because of the price, and the social media reactions are beyond hilarious. There's the model's facial expression for one – totally serious and a little troubled – then the fact a whole shirt is dangling off his front. It's not massively practical.

Photo credit: Instagram / Balenciaga

The social media comments on the T-Shirt Shirt are brilliant. One Instagram user posted: "Looking forward to rolling in for the first day of the job wearing this." A second said: "When you can't figure out what business casual means..."

Photo credit: balenciaga.com

There were more laughs as one Twitter user wrote: "I too have a dress shirt, a t-shirt, and a staple gun." Another joked: "Lol imagine wearing this on a windy day the sleeves with flap about like crazy." One had a giggle as they said: "Looks like he got stuck under a pile of clothes."

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Balenciaga's website describes the T-shirt Shirt as 'Striped short sleeves and long sleeves shirts with two wearing options'. That is true; it is versatile. At £935, the shirt is on the steep side price-wise, although not unusual for a designer label. The piece is part of the fashion brand's Fall '18 collection and is available to buy in stores from 19 June, in case you want one. Father's Day gift perhaps?

A much cheaper alternative to the T-shirt Shirt is the Jeans for Genes white T-shirt spoof for £9, which we're totally loving. The charity runs the annual fundraising campaign to raise awareness and funds for Genetic Disorders UK, supporting individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder. The shirt is available on their website from Monday, so get yours while you can. See  jeansforgenesday.org/


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