Chatting LFW and top make-up tips with Benefit Cosmetics' head make-up artist

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We went backstage at London Fashion Week and managed to catch up with Benefit Cosmetics' Head Make-up Artist and serious brow expert Lisa Potter-Dixon! We chatted everything from London Fashion Week to Lisa's top beauty tips and her celebrity beauty crush - watch to find out who it is! 

She's one of the most well-known make-up artists in the beauty game, with a whopping 33,000 Instagram followers who she updates on her latest beauty tricks. So we were super excited to find out Lisa's top make-up tips. Here goes- take notes!

1. "Make sure you get your eyebrows waxed and tinted every four weeks," says Lisa. "Eyebrows make such a difference to your face. Women are starting to really realise that since Cara [Delevingne] came on the scene. Making sure your eyebrows are groomed will make such a difference to your face!"

2. This one might surprise you - blue mascara. "It really brightens the whites of your eyes," says Lisa. "If you have green eyes, it will really make them pop."

3. And her last tip? We love this one. "To feel comfortable in your make-up," she says. "Make-up is an amazing thing and you don't have to cake it on to look beautiful. Just use simple make-up to your advantage and to enhance your natural beauty."

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