ASOS now recommends sizes based on your previous orders

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We've always been fans of ASOS for just how easy it is (dangerously so for our bank balances), to shop all of our favourite brands on one site.

And now the e-tailer is set to make online shopping even easier by suggesting the size you should buy – aiming to remove any guess work and ill-fitting buys.



ASOS is now recommending sizes based on your previous purchases

The new feature works by looking at your purchase history and taking into account the sizes you have previously bought, along with any items you've returned because they didn't fit properly.

You can also add in measurements such as your height, weight, bra size, plus waist and hip size to identify which size you should be wearing.

The recommendation shows on the product page below the box where you select your size. It features a link that will tell you the sizes you have typically bought in the past, along with the option to make your results more accurate by evaluating the fit of your previous purchases.

While the concept seems fairly straightforward, it hasn't received a completely positive reaction from shoppers, some of whom have pointed out that their size may have fluctuated since they last made a purchase, or their body shape doesn't conform to traditional sizing.

"That size select feature on ASOS is making my self-esteem just that much lower when it suggests that they don't have a size for me thanks," one shopper tweeted.

Another added: "Why have ASOS started recommending what size I should get in an item, I am not okay with this."

However others love the new feature. "The new recommended size feature on @ASOS is so clever! Off to make an order of things I definitely don't need."

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