Amy Schumer: 'The Met Gala felt like punishment'

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So it's fair to say Amy Schumer is not a fan of the Met Gala!

The comedian has opened up on her experience of attending this year's event, saying that it "felt like a punishment".

"I left earlier than I should have been allowed," she said during an interview with Howard Stern.



Amy opened up about her Met Gala experience

She even told Beyoncé that was wasn't having fun at the fashion bash...

"I got to meet Beyoncé and she was like, 'Is this your first Met Gala?' And I was like, 'It's my last.' It felt like a punishment. It's not me and I don't like it."

Amy looked stunning at the gala, showing off her curves in a tangerine-hued gown by Alexander Wang. But she didn't enjoy the process of dressing up.


She told Howard Stern that it "felt like a punishment"

"We're dressed up like a bunch of fu**ing a**holes," she said.

"I have no interest in fashion. I like the idea of coming up with a way to dress that's more comfortable that looks cool. Other than that, I just don't care."

Amy went on to explain that mingling with celebrities at parties really isn't her thing in general.

"It's just so fake," she said. "It's people doing an impression of having a conversation... I like talking to people one on one where you can be comfortable and really have a conversation. I don't like the farce."

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