Donatalla Versace defends her 'controversial' AW16 campaign

"My name is Versace – I don't know how to do things quietly"

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Donatella Versace has defended Versace's AW16 campaign after it sparked debate when it was released last week. The images, which feature Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss as mothers with their partners and children, have been described by some as "unrealistic" given that both models are so young, aged 21 and 23 respectively.

However Donatella stood by the campaign, saying it was in her blood to be bold and "provoke" a reaction.



Donatella Versace has defended the Versace AW16 campaign

Speaking to The Telegraph, Donatella said: "My name is Versace – I don't know how to do things quietly, that is just my blood and my family. We make a noise, shout loud, never hold back on our opinions. This is why our campaigns have always been so bold, because my family has always provoked.

"Life would be so boring if we all did the same thing."


The campaign has been described as "unrealistic" by some critics

The 61-year-old added that she believed the images, which were shot by Bruce Weber, was reflective of the brand's customers' lifestyle.

"With my collections, I've been thinking more and more about the real life of Versace, and the complexity of women's lives. They run their own business, look after their family, travel, share time with friends, all often in the same day. I wanted to show the fullness of the Versace life in our campaign."


Donatella praised models Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss

As for her choice of models? Donatella has nothing but high praise for both Karlie and Gigi.

"I love Gigi and Karlie because of their amazing strength of character. They are their own women who will not compromise their individuality for anyone. I wanted to create imagery that was all about their brilliant individuality."

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