Cara Delevingne reveals she suffers from depression

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Cara Delevingne has revealed that she is suffering from depression, citing it as the reason why she has taken a break from modelling. The 23-year-old wrote a series of tweets to "set the record straight," denying rumours that she had quit modelling for good.

Fans were surprised to see the supermodel, who revealed she was taking a break from modelling in early March, appear in a Saint Laurent campaign. In response, Cara explained how her modelling career was causing her depression, and so she has decided to focus on her acting career instead.



She wrote: "Can we set the record straight. I never said I was quitting modelling. I do not blame the fashion industry for anything. I suffer from depression and was a model during a particularly rough patch of self hatred.

"I am so lucky for the work I get to do but I used to work to try and escape and just ended up completely exhausting myself. I am focusing on filming and trying to learn how to not pick apart my every flaw. I am really good at that."


The star straight the record straight about her decision to quit modelling

She concluded: "Okay.... Rant over. Just wanted to clarify and word vomit a little."

Cara, who most recently appeared as a main role in Paper Towns, wrote an open letter published in Motto in which she revealed she was taking a break from modelling as she "felt like [she] needed validation from everyone."

She said: "I worked hard to be accepted by the fashion community in ways beyond my physical appearance.

"In no time, though, I found myself surrendering to the industry’s approval process... As a result, I lost sight of myself and what it meant to be happy, what it meant to be successful. I think it all stemmed from a deep-down feeling of wanting people to like me and love me."

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