The little fashionistas at #SeoulFashionWeek are adorable!

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It's normal for Harper Beckham to dominate London and New York Fashion Weeks, and North West stealing the show at the Paris collections is nothing new, but in Seoul it's all about the little people – and they could even teach the celebrity offspring a thing or two about style.

At Seoul Fashion Week it's all about the tiny fashionistas

Seoul Fashion Week took place last week and youngsters dressed head-to-toe in designer clothes littered the streets, quickly becoming a big hit on Instagram. While it might seem strange to us, the tiny fashionistas are nothing new in Seoul.

In fact the main show is out on the street, where the kids will be told what to where, how to pose and what to say in order to attract the most attention from the waiting crowds and photographers.

The little models promote clothing from local brands

Street photographer Alex Finch told The Telegraph: "There are definitely more this year. I think they know that people will take their picture and seeing as most of them are wearing from local online kids stores, it's a good way for them to get promotion for the brands, as well as the 'models' themselves."

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In case you were wondering, the kids aren't left alone to wander the streets all day; Alex insisted parents and guardians were there, and the show is heavily orchestrated. Alex continued: "There were plenty of mothers there but the show is definitely run by the online shopping mall photographers and stylists.

"Everything is planned before they come out. A lot of the kids are wearing matching brands when they first come out and then will change after an hour into another brand."

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