'The personification of style': Victoria Beckham triumphs at New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham has taken New York Fashion Week by storm. The designer aired her latest collection at New York's Public Library on Sunday and gained acclaim from the highest ranks of the fashion industry.

Alexandra Shulman, editor of UK Vogue, tweeted her delight as soon as Mrs Beckham had taken her bow. "So pleased the Victoria Beckham show was so good," she said before adding how "excited" she was to be chatting to the designer after the presentation.


Victoria Beckham


Luxury department store Harrods described the line as "the personification of style and modernity", and Italian Vogue contributor Giovanna Battaglia, summed up the unveiling in one word: "Brava".

During the show, Vogue's first lady Anna Wintour and David sat front row as Victoria aired the pieces she has been crafting over the past few months.


Victoria Beckham

After such high praise from her peers, Victoria herself explained her latest line on her website. "I've strived to keep true to the essence of the line while incorporating new finishes and fabrics," she said.

"I'm excited to show knitwear for the first time, as well as the quintessentially British heritage materials of tweed, plaid and herringbone."


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