Fun at Jean Paul Gaultier's Eighties pop inspired Paris fashion show

Jean Paul Gaultier's Paris fashion show, entitled "She's got the look…alike", packed bags of attitude – pop star attitude to be precise.

Out strutted 'David Bowie', circa the Ziggy Stardust years. Then came a Grace Jones figure dressed in one of JPG's signature tuxedos, as well as 'Annie Lennox' and 'Boy George'.


Jean-Paul Gaultier


But the highlight of the French genius' homage to the Eighties was surely a white-gloved 'Michael Jackson', actually a female model, gyrating her hips provocatively, and 'Madonna' – all red lips, shaggy perms, bangles, crucifixes.

The tribute was, he explained, to the "pop stars of the eighties who have influenced fashion and my fashion with their look".


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