Just breathe: Bar Refaeli enjoys heavenly Greek holidays

Jet-setting supermodel Bar Refaeli has been enjoying some well deserved days off in the Greek islands.

But the Israeli beauty hasn't completely disconnected whilst in Mykonos, keeping her Twitter fans updated with all her movements.


Bar Refaeli


Pictured makeup free, enjoying the sun, the views of the beautiful beaches and the charm of Mykonos, the 27-year-old has created a photo diary that even shows her walking on water. 

The model has made the most of the heavenly enviroment of the idyllic isle: "Just Breathe", she tweeted as she posted a picture of herself against the backdrop of the sun setting over the sea.


Bar Refaeli

Thanks to the social network we have also discovered that the model loves trying out new beauty techniques.

"Who needs pedicures when there are little fish to eat your skin?! GROSS", she published alongside a photo shows her sitting on a bench with her feet submerged in a tank of fish.

The fish spa treatment - in which tiny flesh-eating fish are used to clean and exfoliate the skin - has long been part of the culture in Asia, and has made it's way into Europe in recent years.


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