Amy lives on at Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier rewound to his reputation as the enfant terrible of fashion with an haute couture homage to a tragic soul rebel.

His spring-summer collection was dedicated to Amy Winehouse whose untimely death last year at the age of 27 rocked the music world.  

The mix including towering beehives, yards of revealing lace, lashings of eyeliner and, of course, JPG's iconic pointy bra.




Referencing her unique mix of floaty silhouettes, tight bustiers and sportswear, the effect was one of tomboyish femininity.

And models including Andrej Pejic, the man whose feminine looks have taken the modelling world by storm, sashayed downt the runway to a soundtrack of her hits including Rehab.  One even took to the catwalk smoking a cigarette.

In the front row, French icon Catherine Deneuve, who appeared in lingerie in the film Belle de Jour, seemed to enjoy it.

And you could almost imagine the Camden diva winking in approval at the sheer inventiveness of it all.


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