Proud Orlando's standing ovation for his angel

It's not the first time Orlando Bloom has shown his pride at his wife's work.

But after watching Miranda Kerr strut her stuff on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk earlier this month, his excitement was clear. 

Clapping loudly, he also gave her a standing ovation after she smiled and gestured in his direction.


The new footage was released as the iconic lingerie show aired on US TV, giving the angels another chance to gather as they attended a special viewing party. 

Miranda, Alessandra Ambrosio and Lily Aldridge huddled together on a glittering white couch and sipped on pink cocktails for the event.

The threesome were characteristically stunning in their sexy outfits.

Mum Miranda poured her curves into a sweetheart neckline leopard print number whilst Lily opted for a more demure look in a purple wrap dress.

Alessandra, meanwhile took the plunge in an embellished minidress.

See all the photos from the spectacular show 


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