New York Fashion Week: David and Lara put on loving display at Calvin Klein show

She supported him through a gruelling, eight-day swim of the river Thames, following behind on a boat as he carried out his epic adventure.

And David Walliams returned the favour for his beautiful wife Lara Stone on Thursday, supporting her at the Calvin Klein show in New York.




Looking very much in love, the pair held hands and kissed as they waited for the presentation to begin.

Lara, who is the face of the luxury label, looked gorgeous in this autumn's hot colour.

But she's decided to sit this runway season out.

“It’s funny to be on this side of it,” said the statuesque Dutch woman.



“I’m excited to watch it for once.”

The show was a sophisticated affair, with a palette of blush, tan, white and chocolate. 

Meanwhile, unfussy silhouettes in the form of silk dresses, jackets and cropped palazzo pants made for an understated yet sexy collection.




The event was followed by a dinner where Naomi Watts, Francisco Costa, Uma Thurman and Rachel Zoe all sat down for a feast.

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