Stella McCartney collection marks the Paris runway's return to normality

'Normal' seems to be the trend of the moment.

And this refreshing new take on fashion was adopted at the runway shows of this season's Paris Fashion Week.

Gone were the outrageous theatrics and highly-exaggerated versions of clothing and instead designers showcased attire that women can actually wear.


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Stella McCartney flew the flag for this change in direction as she presented simple but stunning garments.

Black coats, sweater dresses and sneakers teamed with effortless hair and make-up made the collection much more accessible to the average woman.

Stella took her brief bow in a blazer and rolled-up jeans, the epitome of everyday elegance.



Meanwhile, other designers followed her lead, with Chanel, Givenchy and Hermes amongst others taking a more simplistic approach.

This change coincides with the end of John Galliano's career with Dior, which was packed full of theatrically fabulous catwalk presentations.  


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