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Lindsay Lohan checks out John Galliano's nomadic warrior women in Paris

Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan was among the front row guests in Paris at the weekend getting a first look at John Galliano's ready-to-wear vision for next Autumn/Winter.

The Gibraltar-born designer – who last week presented his collection for Dior, pulled out all the stops to show his new line in typically theatrical style.

The show notes read: "A tribe of adventuring Galliano nomads trek through a mountainous terrain in search of a new land."

And the looks showcased by the models were certainly reminiscent of nomadic warrior women. Brocade coats, silk trousers, bias-cut gowns, and Mongolian fur and Fez hats were all part of the collection, which had a Far East feel to it.

For the grand finale a flame on the catwalk began to burn, racing down to a stick of dynamite at the end.

The man behind the bold designs emerged from the resulting explosion, dressed in full 'brigand chieftain' costume, complete with a dagger.


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