Kristen Stewart holds court in Paris front row amid 'reconciliation' rumours

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It was a typical appearance from Kristen Stewart.

With her look of languid indifference that she has down to perfection, the actress cast an eye over Balenciaga's latest ware from her front row seat next to fashion mogul Anna Wintour.

But behind her impassive expression, Kristen, who was fittingly summery in the brand's lemon jacket and floral trousers, may have good reason to be happy.




A source told Us Weekly that the star has "reconciled" with former boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

And she was spotted looking more content than she has done for months when she touched down in Paris a couple of hours earlier, breaking into a grin for the waiting cameras.

A pal of the actor also hinted to People that a reunion may well be on the cards.

"Rob was completely heartbroken and was saying there was no way he could ever forgive her," they said.

"But not speaking to someone that you thought was your end all, be all, is clearly harder than he expected."



Meanwhile, a different source says that Robert’s friend "keep telling him he needs some time and space, but they all think they will be a couple again, maybe as soon as they are together for the Twilight promos."

The chemistry is bound to speak for itself when the pair walk the red carpet together on November 12 to promote the franchise’s latest film, Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

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