Can Dior's new man Raf Simons live up to Galliano?

He is days away from making his hotly-anticipated debut as Dior’s top designer.

And the fashion world is on tenterhooks waiting to see whether Raf Simons will live up to John Galliano’s incredible legacy with his first show at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week on Monday.

Will his arrival at the French fashion house involve a major aesthetic shake-up?

After all, Galliano’s signature was layering, theatrical presentations and referencing golden eras of yesteryear.

By contrast, Raf, a Belgian designer known for his minimalist approach, focused in his collections for Jil Sander on pared-down chic. 

Dior is hoping he will help propel the iconic brand into the 21st century, but as we wait to see, here’s a look back at the best images from the last 20 collections.


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