Gucci's gothic glamour gets Milan Fashion Week off to a dark start

Their Milan show might have been dark, but it was far from dreary.

With the Oscars just days away, Italian powerhouse Gucci unveiled an ultra glamorous array of floor-length, billowing dresses in midnight hues.

"This is modern-day romanticism," designer Frida Giannini said. "A dramatic sensuality, a dark glamour with subtle tones of provocative intellect."



The offerings in black, forest green and plum had been designed with decadence in mind – fur, silk, velvet and leather all adorned Edwardian-esque layered ensembles.

The sultry show kicked off Milan Fashion Week, following on from the headline-grabbings antics of London.

Plum lipstick, leather capes and moody lighting all complemented the noir feel of the presentation.



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