First glimpse of Claudia Schiffer's blossoming baby bump

Five-and-a-half months into her third pregnancy, and Claudia Schiffer is glowing with health.

That much was evident as the German supermodel took her children to school in London this week.

As she made her way back home, 39-year-old Claudia's burgeoning baby bump was visible under her loose-fitting fawn-coloured tunic dress.


The new arrival will make an appearance in May. He or she will be a sibling to six-year-old Caspar, and five-year-old Clementine – Claudia's children with her British director Matthew Vaughn.

"We are delighted with the news and can't wait to add to our family," said the couple on announcing the pregnancy last week.

Claudia and Matthew married in May 2002 following a romance the blonde beauty called "love at first sight".


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